Peter Hollings系列报告三则
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:Peter Hollings 教授

工作单位:加拿大湖首大学(Lakehead University)



Peter Hollings博士,加拿大湖首大学(Lakehead University)地质系教授,系主任。澳大利亚塔斯马尼亚大学客座教授,合肥工业大学外专特聘教授,国际经济地质协会(SEG)会士,国际著名岩浆岩石学和矿床地球化学专家。Peter Hollings博士长期致力于岩浆作用、成矿作用和成岩成矿地球化学研究,研究地区涉及西南太平洋西岸的菲律宾、印度尼西亚等国家地区的斑岩型铜金矿床、北美洲地区铜镍铂族矿床、金矿床、块状硫化物矿床和南美洲智利、阿根廷地区的超大型斑岩型铜金(钼)矿床的成岩成矿作用的研究,承担科研项目30多项,已发表包括《Economic Geology》、《Geological Society of America》、《Precambrian Research》等国际著名SCI刊物文章60余篇。


题目Review of geochemistry



Geochemistry is a science which studies the chemical composition, chemical action and chemical evolution of the earth. It is an interdisciplinary subject which is produced and developed by the combination of geology, chemistry and physics. Professor peter has been engaged in geochemistry related research for many years. This report will mainly discuss from the following aspects:Review of basic geochemical concept;Collection of samples;Analytic methods;Interpretation of datasets; Classification of trace elements according to their geological behavior.


题目Plate tectonics & geochemistry

报告时间:2022年12月8日(星期四) 9:00-11:00


The theory of plate tectonics has always been a hot spot in geological research. We have solved many scientific problems around the theory of plate tectonics. At present, many scholars add geochemical explanations based on the theory of plate tectonics. It provides a new idea and insight for the whole study of plate theory.


题目Magmas and porphyry deposit



Porphyry deposits are of great economic value and produce about two-thirds of the world's copper deposits. The research of porphyry deposit has been a hot topic in recent years. In this presentation, Professor peter will explain the relationship between magmatic rocks and porphyry deposits, helping us to understand the genesis and mechanism of porphyry deposits.